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Week 6

Heightened Demand

Supreme x Lamborghini. Collection includes skate decks, work jackets and hockey jerseys. Expected in limited demand.

Supreme®/Automobili Lamborghini S/S Shirt
Supreme®/Automobili Lamborghini Skateboard
Digital Logo 6-Panel

Week 5

Heightened Demand

Supreme x Timberland. Supreme Oreo's which will retail at $3. Shipping will remain at $10 regardless of weight.

Supreme Oreos
Supreme®/Timberland® Crewneck
Back Logo Sweater

Week 4

Moderate Interest

During the COVET-19 outbreak, all Supreme in-store releases will shift towards an online release only for the time being.

Supreme® Rawlings® Catcher's Chest Protector
Rammellzee Supreme Tee
Supreme Team Puffy Jacket

Week 3

Hyped Release

The first Supreme North Face collaboration. Includes a fleece jacket, face mask, bags and vest. Jacket and vest are sold together.

Supreme®/The North Face® RTG Jacket + Vest
Supreme®/The North Face® RTG Balaclava
Supreme®/The North Face® RTG Backpack

Week 2

Moderate Interest

Supreme will be releasing a Nike Air Force 1 in a black and white colorway. Slighly higher demand for the City Lights Puffy Jacket.

Nike Air Force 1
Tonal Webbing Hooded Sweatshirt
City Lights Puffy Jacket

Week 1

Heightened Demand

The first online Supreme drop. Every order will include a free box logo poncho. No in-store release this week.

Free Supreme Poncho
Tupac Hologram Tee
Velvet Chore

Week 0

Hyped Release

The first in-store release for the Spring Summer 2020 season. Includes the hyped Tupac Tee. In-store release only.

Tupac Hologram Tee
Mary Hooded Sweatshirt
Tupac Hologram Skateboard